2 pints strawberries about 4 cups ▢4 cups sugar ▢1 1.75 oz box Sure Jell fruit pectin yellow box ▢¾ cup water


Step - 1

Strawberries are de-stemmed and immediately rinsed.  

In a large basin, mash or process the strawberries with a potato masher or food processor. NOTE: Do not puree the produce; jam should contain small pieces.  

Step - 2

Stir sugar into the fruits thoroughly. Allow to rest for ten minutes while agitating intermittently.  

Step - 3

Add pectin and a quarter cup of water to a small container set over medium-high heat. Bring to a boil and, stirring constantly, allow to simmer for one to two minutes. Eliminate from heat.  

Step - 4

Combine the strawberry mixture with the pectin mixture. Approximately three minutes, or until the sugar is entirely dissolved, stir continuously.  

Step - 5

Transfer the contents into glass jars or plastic containers that have been prepared in advance, leaving a quarter-inch space at the uppermost point to accommodate expansion that may occur during freezing. Implement covers.  

Step - 6

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