marshmallows any and all sizes ▢Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ▢Hershey's chocolate snack bars ▢graham crackers honey or cinnamon ▢sliced strawberries ▢peanut butter ▢caramel sauce ▢Teddy Grahams ▢fudge striped cookies regular or mini size ▢Nutter Butter bites or regular size ▢chocolate icing to spread on the graham cracker ▢marshmallow fluff to spread on the graham cracker ▢chocolate chips ▢pretzels


Step - 1

Begin by spacing your dishes or small containers apart on the board.  

Subsequently, proceed to assemble objects around the containers.   

Step - 2

While bowls are practical for storing spreads and sauces, they can accommodate any item.  

Step - 3

Following this, proceed to group items onto the board. Bear in mind color in order to distribute it.  

Step - 4

Create the board in any manner that pleases you. Simply have joy!  

Step - 5

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