1/4 cup self-rising flour ▢1/4 cup SPLENDA® Naturals Stevia ▢2 tbsp cocoa ▢1/4 tsp baking powder ▢1/8 tsp salt ▢4.5 tbsp milk ▢1 tbsp coconut oil ▢3 tbsp water ▢1/4 tsp vanilla extract ▢2 tsp mini chocolate chips ▢2 strawberries


Step - 1

Commence by combining and transferring the dry ingredients into a microwave-safe mug.  

Mix in the moist ingredients until thoroughly combined. One teaspoon of mini chocolate morsels should be added.  

Step - 2

Microwave for 1 minute and 45 seconds on HIGH power. Add the remaining strawberries and micro chips to the top. 

Step - 3

This chocolate mug cake is the ideal portion size for one (or two if you wish to share) and is fast, easy, and delectable. This airy cake, which can be prepared in less than five minutes, is an ideal dessert to gratify your desire for sweetness. 

Step - 4

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