▢2 dips such as Homemade Ranch, Cream Cheese Fruit Dip or hummus ▢12 slices each assorted deli meats such as pepperoni, prosciutto or salami ▢2 cups cheese cubes or 12 slices each assorted cheeses such as Colby Jack, provolone or Swiss ▢½-1 cup soft cheese such as cream cheese or goat cheese ▢1 cup each assorted crackers, chips or pretzels ▢1 cup each assorted chopped or diced vegetables such as baby carrots, broccoli, cucumber or snap peas ▢1 cup each assorted chopped or diced fruit such as apples, blackberries or strawberries ▢½ cup each assorted nuts such as almonds or pistachios


Step - 1

Small dishes containing the dips should be positioned on opposite sides of the cutting board.  

Fold or roll the deli meats and place around the board.

Step - 2

Place the various types of cheeses on opposing sides.  

Step - 3

Distribute the various varieties of pretzels and crackers across the board. Ultimately, incorporate the remaining spaces with the fruits, vegetables, and seeds.  

Step - 4

Place toothpicks or serving utensils in close proximity to the tray.  

Step - 5

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