1 box chocolate cake mix plus ingredients on back ▢6.6 oz white chocolate pudding mix 2 boxes ▢3 cups 2% milk ▢1 large container cool whip ▢green food coloring ▢20 Oreos crushed ▢gummy worms


Step - 1

Bake the cake per the instructions on the package. After cooling, divide into cubes.  

To prepare pudding, combine milk and pudding ingredients. Whisk in the whipped cream thoroughly. Incorporate a neon green food coloring. Complement and place aside.  

Step - 2

Place one-fourth of the whipped cream and pudding mixture in the trifle dish's bottom. One-third of the cake cubes are layered. 1/3 of the pulverized Oreos and a few gummy worms should be sprinkled on top. Proceed with the segments.  

Step - 3

Finish by combining the remaining whipped cream and pudding mixture. Sprinkle with the remaining gummy worms and crushed biscuits.  

Step - 4

Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Step - 5

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