Salad: ▢4 cups napa cabbage finely shredded ▢1 1/2 cups red cabbage finely shredded ▢1 cup carrot finely julienned ▢2 cups chicken shredded ▢1/2 cup crunchy noodles ▢1-2 tsp sesame seeds Dressing ▢1/2 cup sugar ▢3/4 cup soy sauce ▢2 tbsp sesame seeds ▢1/2 tsp all spice ▢1/4 cup rice wine vinegar ▢1/2 cup vegetable oil ▢3 tbsp sesame oil


Step - 1

Except for the oils, combine all dressing ingredients in a glass vessel. Cover and vigorously agitate for two minutes, or until thoroughly combined.   

Shake in the oils for an additional three minutes, or until they have emulsified with the vinegar.  

Step - 2

Relax for a minimum of two hours.  

Step - 3

Pour the dressing over the salad ingredients in the bowl just prior to serving, then combine.   

Step - 4

Supplement with extra sesame seeds and crisp vermicelli on top.  

Step - 5

Unquestionably delectable flavors combine to create the most exemplary crispy Chinese chicken salad; it will have you returning for seconds and thirds. We absolutely adore this recipe!  

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