2 tablespoons olive oil extra-virgin ▢2 chicken breasts skinless, boneless ▢salt and pepper to taste ▢1 ½ cups whole milk ▢1 ½ cups chicken broth low-sodium ▢2 teaspoons minced garlic ▢8-12 ounces fettuccine ▢½ cup heavy whipping cream ▢1 cup Parmesan cheese freshly grated ▢parsley for garnish, optional


Step - 1

Warm the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and cook for 7 to 8 minutes per side, or until thoroughly cooked, in a skillet.  

Ten minutes after allowing the chicken to settle, slice it and set aside.  

Step - 2

In a skillet, combine milk, bouillon, and garlic to create alfredo sauce. Season with pepper and salt, then come to a simmer.  

Step - 3

Stir dry fettuccine noodles into the sauce while doing so frequently for approximately three minutes. The noodles should be cooked for an additional 8 minutes.  

Step - 4

Stir together the heavy cream and Parmesan cheese with the sauce. Add a few minutes to the simmer until the sauce becomes thicker.  

Step - 5

Serve with the chicken stirred in, or arrange the noodles on a plate and garnish with sliced chicken. Freshly minced parsley and/or additional Parmesan cheese may be used to garnish.    

Step - 6

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