1 can pre-made pizza dough or 14 oz. homemade dough ▢1 1/2 c cubed chicken rotisserie chicken works great ▢1 1/4 c barbecue sauce divided ▢3 pieces cooked bacon chopped ▢1/3 c fresh cilantro chopped ▢3 c mozzarella cheese ▢garlic salt (with parsley flakes)


Step - 1

To begin, coat the chicken cubes in a quarter cup of homemade barbecue sauce.  

Preheat the pizza dough to the temperature specified on the pizza dough packaging for five minutes.  

Step - 2

While the pizza dough is still warm, distribute a quarter cup of barbecue sauce on top, adjusting the amount to taste.  

Step - 3

Bacon, cheese, barbecue poultry, and cilantro should be added to the pizza. Garnish with grated garlic salt.  

Step - 4

For an additional 8 to 10 minutes, or until the dough is golden brown and the cheese has dissolved, bake the pizza.  

Step - 5

Add additional barbecue sauce and drizzle, then ENJOY.

Step - 6

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