2 apples green and gala ▢1 pkg Wilton candy eyeballs ▢6 oz vanilla yogurt raisins ▢1 c peanut butter ▢3 strawberries


Step - 1

Apples are quartered and the interior is removed.  

Step - 2

Prepare a baking tray by lining it with parchment paper.  

Step - 3

Slicing a wedge from the periphery of every fruit. Vertically slice strawberries thinly to form a tongue shape.  

Step - 4

Pipe a line of peanut butter down the cut wedge.

Step - 5

Strawberry tongue should be inserted into the peanut butter. Place yogurt raisins in a line within the peanut butter, positioning them above the strawberry tongue. Apply confectionery eyes using a peanut butter dot.  

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